TypeWriter In Culturepush

There’s a write-up on TypeWriter’s “Indian Head Massage” on Culturepush @ http://culturepush.com/2010/09/29/typewriters-indian-head-massage/. Part of the article below:

“There is a lot of soul searching, and tonality to the songs on the album, they are all as thought-out as they possibility could. Every song has its own beauty, production values and space. We have also brought in an eclectic mix of instruments (violins, trumpet, accordion, theremin and mandolin) and guest musicians (Ken Stringfellow of The Posies/Big Star and Natalie Soh of Serenaide) to bring out the different flavors in the songs. For instance, for ‘Every Nite’, we managed to find Krassi Tasleva, a Bulgarian music teacher living here, to add her wonderful accordion playing to the song. The album is really a labor of love. We hope that this honesty will transcend to the listeners, and they can be genuinely moved by it,” says Chang Kang.”

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