The English Breakfast Tour


TypeWriter’s upcoming tour is called The English Breakfast Tour. It has nothing to do with the picture of the bread above. That was what Patrick had for breakfast. He baked that bread himself.

Desmond is unable to go on the UK tour because he is heavily involved with organising some events in May but he has given his blessings to Alan Bok who will be standing in on bass for the tour. Alan plays in the band Interlude and is a close friend of the band and will be co-producing TypeWriter’s new EP, which we hope to start recording after the tour. We hope to add more dates to the tour in the coming weeks. In the meantime, these are confirmed dates and venues:

26 April, 8pm Home club with Tricks & Cider, Enec.e and Kevin Mathews & The Groovy People
30 April, 8pm Artistry with The Pinholes
9 May, 8pm The Vauxhall Quay, Plymouth, UK
14 May, 4:15pm The Cavern Pub, Liverpool, UK
15 May, 11:15pm The Cavern Club, Liverpool, UK

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