Cornwall Date Added


We’ve confirmed another date for the English Breakfast Tour. TypeWriter will be performing at Ruby Bar, which is at The Garden @ Torpoint in Cornwall. We’re supporting Black Diamonds, a blues inspired rockabilly band from Plymouth. A gentle reminder that we’re playing Home club this Friday with Enec.e, Tricks & Cider and Kevin Mathews & The Groovy People. Show starts at 8pm. Hope to see you there!

Then There Were Five

Photo by Little Ong
Photo by Little Ong

We are pleased to announce that Alan Bok (pic above, second from left) has joined TypeWriter as a permanent member. Alan, who recently produced Obedient Wives Club’s “Murder Kill Baby” EP, has been rehearsing with the band for our upcoming English Breakfast Tour as a sessionist but we’ve gotten along so well that he’s now part of the TypeWriter family. He is playing bass on the tour but once we are back from the UK in late May, Alan will switch to playing various instruments as TypeWriter veers towards a slightly different musical direction. Alan’s first gig with TypeWriter will be at Home club on 26 April 2013. Hope to see you there!

Identite 9.3 Kamco Music!


TypeWriter will be playing at Home club next Friday 26 April. The gig starts at 8pm with Enec.e, Tricks & Cider, TypeWriter and Kevin Mathews & The Groovy People in that sequence. Entry is $12 and it includes one housepour and entry to KICKS! Patrick is also playing guitar for Kevin Mathews & The Groovy People. It’ll be a fun night. See you there!

“That Deepest Blue” In Short Film


“That Deepest Blue” has been included on the soundtrack of the upcoming short film, “Rempah Sayang”, about a 15 year-old girl who loves eating her grandma’s food but when she has her first crush on the boy next door, she tries to lose weight and starts avoiding the grandma.

Directed by Mabel Gan, the film will be screening at The Peranakan Museum on 22 & 23 June as part of Children’s Season and at the Singapore International Children’s Film Festival at the Arts House, which is happening from 22 to 29 June.

London Calling


We’ve confirmed two shows in London on our English Breakfast Tour. The first gig is on Tuesday 7 May at 12 Bar Club (Denmark Street) where we’ll be supported by the talented Axel Loughrey. Entry is £6. Check out his music video below. Axel’s facebook page is at:

Our second performance will be at the 3-Song Open Mic at The Silver Bullet, located at 5 Station Place. Nearest tube station is Finsbury Park. The event starts at 7pm. Free entry.

English Breakfast at Artistry


A big thank you to Marcel Heijnen for the publicity poster for our gig at Artistry. We’ll be playing with our fun lovin’ friends, The Pinholes on the eve of the Labour Day holiday, starting at 8pm sharp. Artistry will be coming up with an English Breakfast cocktail especially for the occasion and donating part of the proceeds of the cocktail sales to our English Breakfast Tour. The Pinholes will be selling their “Youth Of Gold” EP, which was mixed by Patrick Chng, and we hope to have our English Breakfast Tour t-shirts for sale too at the gig. Admission is free. See you there!

The English Breakfast Tour


TypeWriter’s upcoming tour is called The English Breakfast Tour. It has nothing to do with the picture of the bread above. That was what Patrick had for breakfast. He baked that bread himself.

Desmond is unable to go on the UK tour because he is heavily involved with organising some events in May but he has given his blessings to Alan Bok who will be standing in on bass for the tour. Alan plays in the band Interlude and is a close friend of the band and will be co-producing TypeWriter’s new EP, which we hope to start recording after the tour. We hope to add more dates to the tour in the coming weeks. In the meantime, these are confirmed dates and venues:

26 April, 8pm Home club with Tricks & Cider, Enec.e and Kevin Mathews & The Groovy People
30 April, 8pm Artistry with The Pinholes
9 May, 8pm The Vauxhall Quay, Plymouth, UK
14 May, 4:15pm The Cavern Pub, Liverpool, UK
15 May, 11:15pm The Cavern Club, Liverpool, UK

TypeWriter Schedule at International Pop Overthrow 2013 Liverpool


We’ve got our performance schedule from the organisers of International Pop Overthrow 2013 Liverpool. The Festival runs from May 14th till May 21st. TypeWriter will be playing on the first two days. The famous Cavern Club is located at 10 Mathew St, Liverpool L2 6RE. The Cavern Pub is opposite The Cavern Club.

Tuesday, May 14: The Cavern Pub
3:30 Kim Bingham
4:15 TypeWriter
5:00 The Relics
5:45 Teenage Casket Company
6:30 The Lost Boys
7:15 The Mysteries
8:00 The Newds
8:45 The Gentle Scars
9:30 Shake 101
10:15 Mellor
11:00 Fifty Nine Violets
11:45 Watchtower

Tuesday, May 14: The Cavern Club
Front Stage
6:15 Mellor
7:00 The Relics
7:45 Shake 101
8:30 The Lost Boys
9:15 The Jooles
10:00 Rhonda
10:45 The Ragamuffins
11:30 Elgazelle
12:15 Fifty Nine Violets

Back Stage
6:00 The Gentle Scars
6:45 Marc Kenny
7:30 Ashbury Keys
8:15 Teenage Casket Company
9:00 The Verdict
9:45 Watchtower
10:30 Evacalls
11:15 Femme Fatale
12:00 Midnight Playground

Wednesday, May 15: The Cavern Pub
3:30 Peter Marchant
4:15 John Cee Stannard
5:00 Fun Of The Pier
5:45 The Sons
6:30 Tudor Lodge
7:15 The Suns
8:00 Turner
8:45 The Electric Stars
9:30 Ashbury Keys
10:15 Femme Fatale
11:00 Evacalls
11:45 Two Weeks Running

Wednesday, May 15: The Cavern Club
Front Stage
6:15 Boomin
7:00 The Blood Rush Hour
7:45 The Charlestones
8:30 The Sons
9:15 Peter Marchant
10:00 John Cee Stannard
10:45 Olly Neasham
11:30 TypeWriter
12:15 Kim Bingham

Back Stage
6:00 The Hacienda
6:45 The Most
7:30 Second Hand Wings
8:15 Tudor Lodge
9:00 Mark Mikel
9:45 The Jooles
10:30 Rhonda
11:15 Turner
12:00 The Electric Stars

TypeWriter at International Pop Overthrow – Liverpool 2013

TypeWriter have been invited to perform at International Pop Overthrow Festival 2013 in Liverpool. We are playing at the legendary Cavern Club on 15 May and The Cavern Pub on 14 May. Timings yet to be confirmed. Will update once we have the performance times. Needless to say, we are stoked!

Congratulations to Desmond on his marriage in December. The band took a few months off but we’re back in action preparing to record an EP in March. 2013 is gonna be a busy year for us.

Patrick produced Sapporo Safaris’ debut EP, “Figures of Eight“, (released two weeks ago) and mixed Seyra’s “Send Me On / Juah” singles (released in November 2012).