TypeWriter Gig Tickets On Sale Now

Esplanade presents Indian Head Massage by TypeWriter. We’re honoured to play this Late Nite series concert on 28 January 2011 and have invited special guest musicians/friends to play at our first full-length ticketed concert. Everyone should get an “Indian Head Massage” once in awhile… this one comes with Extra Service. Hope to see you there!

Event: Indian Head Massage by TypeWriter
Date: Friday, 28 January 2011
Time: 9:30pm
Venue: Esplanade Recital Studio
Tickets: $25 (excluding booking fee) from SISTIC

TypeWriter In Culturepush

There’s a write-up on TypeWriter’s “Indian Head Massage” on Culturepush @ http://culturepush.com/2010/09/29/typewriters-indian-head-massage/. Part of the article below:

“There is a lot of soul searching, and tonality to the songs on the album, they are all as thought-out as they possibility could. Every song has its own beauty, production values and space. We have also brought in an eclectic mix of instruments (violins, trumpet, accordion, theremin and mandolin) and guest musicians (Ken Stringfellow of The Posies/Big Star and Natalie Soh of Serenaide) to bring out the different flavors in the songs. For instance, for ‘Every Nite’, we managed to find Krassi Tasleva, a Bulgarian music teacher living here, to add her wonderful accordion playing to the song. The album is really a labor of love. We hope that this honesty will transcend to the listeners, and they can be genuinely moved by it,” says Chang Kang.”

TypeWriter In I Am Waking Up To… And The Guardian UK

TypeWriter is in the Guardian UK website @ http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/2010/oct/15/music-blogs-map

The write-up is originally from I Am Waking To… website @ http://wakingupto.wordpress.com/2010/10/15/music-alliance-pact-october-2010-issue where we first offered “Cry So Well” (The Suntan Mix” as a free MP3 download. From I Am Waking To…:

if we ever had an office (would anyone like to sponsor?), typewriter‘s new album indian head massage would be a mainstay on our shared music playlist. we’d also be sure to have their awesome cover art plastered on our walls. that’s probably how thrilled we are to have the band generously offer us an exclusive mix of album track “cry so well”, as our MAP correspondent brian koh shares:

SINGAPORE: I’m Waking Up To…
Typewriter – Cry So Well (The Suntan Mix) – Free Download

Ten years and three line-up changes later, Typewriter have finally released their labor of love, Indian Head Massage. Their debut album is chock full of well-crafted power-pop tunes and guitar riffs, whimsical lyrics and one of the most dynamic rhythm sections in the country. As a live four-piece, Typewriter shed all inhibitions to deliver a spine-tingling dose of forgotten melodies to awaken the senses, but on record they take the time to flesh out the minute details that make each song stand out. This level of songwriting should come as no surprise, since each member has been a part of Singapore’s indie music legacy, having played in such notable bands as Ordinary People, The Oddfellows, Electrico and Moods. The combined experience adds favorably to their songcraft, allowing Typewriter to truly step out from the behemoth shadow of their predecessors. – brian.

TypeWriter In The Wknd

TypeWriter in the The Wknd – a Malaysian publication – on 6 November 2010 @ http://www.the-wknd.com/news/debut-album-from-typewriter-indian-head-massage

Power pop bands are very few and far between in this region. And when we say power pop, we actually mean the pop underground kind and not the kind that big ‘zines like Rolling Stone, Spin or even Pitchfork calls power pop (i.e. post-emo melodic pop punk that somehow people started to call power pop). Singapore band TypeWriter took 7 years to finally come out with their debut album “Indian Head Massage”, and it took us almost 2 months to finally get our hands on the CD, which we finally did when we were in Singapore to catch Vampire Weekend, and we’re delighted to find out that one of our favourite Singaporean bands have come up with one quite fantastic album.